Welcome to The Haunted Den

I go by the name NargDev and I am a person of many things. This website is to help show projects I am working on, as well as to be a place to get to know me. I'm occasionally on twitch where I stream a variety of games however my main titles are Pokemon Unite and Phasmophobia.
Feel free to come hang out on the channel or on discord.

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Imagine streaming, playing your favorite game, and hanging with your friends in chat. Next thing you know, someone offers to help you get famous by selling your followers. Bam! Devskage jumps into action and handles them for you. They never seen it coming, chat never notices the message, and everyone is safe.

Pokemon Roster Overlay

Stream pokemon or want to display pokemon on your stream? This will do the trick! Including chat commands to configure your party.

Longvinter Server

Name: The Haunted Den
Our PVP Server is open to all new and old friends. Be respectful and have fun! Join our discord for information, help, and updates.

Win/Loss Counter

Finally! A way to show your win/loss counter on your stream. In style!